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Christ entering Jerusalem - An angel embracing a supplicant, historiated initials from a Missal, in Latin, illuminated manuscript on parchment [Low Countries or Nord France, second half of thirteenth century, probably ca. 1260].

Two single leaves (32 x 22.5 cm) with two initials (10 x 5.5 and 4.5 x 4.2 cm), main text in single column of 26 lines of a large and professional early gothic bookhand, written below top line, music in smaller version of same with Messine (Metz) neumes arranged around stave lines, contemporary folio n° CXI and XXVI. The figures here, with their red spotted cheeks and undulating beards, are notably close to those from a copy of Gratian, Decretum, produced in Hainault, c.1280-90 (now Walters Art Gallery, W.133: reproduced in L?.M.C. Randall, Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery, 1997, n° 218