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Leaf from a Latin word-list, perhaps prepared for Canon law practitioners, including entries on abortion
15th century]
€800 - €1.200

"291 x 211mm, manuscript on paper. Single leaf, with double column of 52 lines in a squat secretarial hand with numerous abbreviations, important words underlined in red, capitals and paragraph marks touched in red, running titles (""A"") at head of columns on recto, one calligraphic 3-line initial 'A' (opening ""Anathema est eternae mortis damnatio"", correctly identified here as Decretals [pars secunda], causa XI, quaestione 3), several neat manicula and marginalia directing reader to the subject of adjacent readings, chainmarks but only indistinct watermark, once folded, some tears and damage to outer edges of leaf, small spots and stains, overall in good condition and on strong and solid paper"

"The entries here are principally of interest to Canon lawyers, with almost half of them on the recto addressing the issues of guilt and criminality surrounding the controversial topic of abortion. The Lex Cornelia de sicariis et veneficis is cited, an Ancient Roman law on murderers and poisoners promulgated by Sulla in 81 BC., doubtless taken from the excerpts included in Justinian's Digest, as well the celebrated canonist Cardinal Francesco Zabarella (d. 1417; here as ""zabarel"") and more usual sources such as the Gospels of Mark and Paul"