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BATTEUX, Charles

La morale d'Epicure, tirée de ses propres écrits
€125 Kopen
Desaint & Saillant

8°, 374, 6 pp, portrait d'Epicure sur la page de titre, plein veau d'époque

For his work "La Morale d'Épicure" 1758 see A. Toscano, 'La Morale d’Épicure' di Charles Batteux ed il principio del 'secondo natural', in 'Scienze e Ricerche' n. 42, 1 dicembre 2016, ISSN: 2283-5873, pp. 20/29. Strictly in Aesthetics terms Batteux sets the single principle for fine arts in imitation of nature, and this in terms of ideal of perfection to make an harmonious whole: "let's choose the most beautiful parts of nature, to make an exquisite whole, more perfect then nature, but never ending to be natural". In this concept, clearly, Batteux follows a long tradition, present at least in Leon Battista Alberti; as well as for the expression of fine arts, present in Giovanni Battista Armenini and more back in Sebastiano Serlio