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VAN DER BORCHT, Pieter (1545-1608)

[Monkeys: 16 plates after Pieter Bruegel]
€16.000 - €20.000

"Series of 16 copper engravings (c. 220 x 290 mm), good impressions, representing monkeys imitating all aspects of human life, legends in Latin, French and Dutch. These scenes are called 'singeries'. Representing The Nursery, Outdoor Games, Dance in the Meadow, Merry Company Out of Doors, Skating, the Barber-Surgeon, Water Tilting (small tear in the lower margin, not affecting the image), Water Sport, the Laundry, the Charlatan, the Alchemist, Stag Hunting, the Fat Kitchen, the Thin Kitchen, Siege of a City, Sea Battle (this last one slightly soiled, otherwise well preserved, apart some marginal foxing and a trace of the entire album having been folded in two, dog ears in the corners, large margins). Water mark of greek cross. Ref. New Hollstein n° 184-199 ; Evelien de Wilde, Monkey Business: Folly, Moral Code or Satire on the Pictorial Tradition? Apes in Human Activities by Peeter van der Borcht (2011) ; Bert Schepers, ""La folie des singes à Anvers au XVIIe siècle"" (2019) Bound after: [Hendrik III van CLEVE] Philip GALLE. Ruinarum varii prospectus ruriumque aliquot delineationes. [Antwerp], Theodoor Galle, c. 1600. Suite of 33 (of 38) numbered plates, c. 175 x 240 mm. Second state, with numbering. Lacking pl. 20-21, 24, 26, 29. Condition: full margins present, margins of pl. 1 soiled, pale brown stain in the margin of pl. 4 (partly affecting the engraving), small worm hole in the upper margin of pl. 8-14, not affecting the engravings. Very rare and beautiful set of views of the ruins of Rome (1-18), Greece (19), Dresden (27), Liege (28), Naples (31), Segovia (38), etc. On pl. 1 exc. Theodorus Gallaeus, on the following plates the name of his father Philip Galle. Ref. Hollstein IV, p. 170, n° 1-38 ; Berlin Kat. n°1853 ; masterproef Elise Boutsen: Een benadering tot het oeuvre van Hendrik III van Cleve (2015) + [Maarten J. VAN HEEMSKERCK] Philip GALLE. Octo Mundi Miracula. [The Seven Wonders of the World and the Ruins of the Coliseum] Complete series of 8 engraved plates, c. 210 x 255 mm. Ref. Hollstein 357-364 + Johannes STRADANUS - Johannes GALLE. Nova reperta [New Inventions]. Copper engraving, 203 x 266 mm. Title page only, showing an array of discoveries and inventions, being welcomed by a female figure (Modernity), while a male figure turns away (representing the Old Order). Specific objects represented include the Americas, a compass, a cannon, a printing press, a clock, tools of alchemy, a Mulberry tree... Oblong album, sewn, marbled paper covers (280 x 380 mm)"