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La Mer des histoires
Pierre Le Rouge for Vincent Commin
€180 - €300

Folio: ff. 22 and 58 (c. 36,5 x 26,5 cm; minor marginal soiling). Printed in gothic type, in 2 cols. Rubricated. F. 22 with a woodcut border (left margin) and an woodcut vignette (6,5 x 4,7 cm), f. 58 with a similar border and 2 woodcuts. In good condition.

Two complete leaves from the first edition of the French translation of the ""Rudimentum novitiorum"", a universal chronicle by the Benedictine scholar Usuardus (+877). Its popularity was caused by the inclusion of other narrative elements (e.g. fables). Ref. ISTC ir00346000