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BOOK OF HOURS in Dutch, use of Utrecht. Illuminated manuscript on vellum
€35.000 - €50.000

"8vo (192 x 132 mm), [1] + [137] ff. Littera textualis, black ink, 21 lines per page, rubricated in red and blue. Writing area: ca. 104 x 65 mm. CONTENT: Calendar ff.1-12; Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary ff.16-41; Hours of the Eternal Wisdom ff. 43-57; Hours of the Cross ff.60-76 ; Hours of the Holy Spirit ff.77-97; Psalms of Penitence ff.99-105; Litany and prayers ff.105-111; Office of the dead ff. 113-136. The Calendar (12 lvs.) with St. Adelbert on June 25 and Jeroen van Noordwijk on August 17 in red. Between f. 34 and 35 a leaf is missing. Illuminated with 6 LARGE and 6 SMALL MINIATURES, 36 illuminated borders. The illuminated strew borders are influenced by the typical Ghent-Bruges style, but could well be done by an illuminator from the Northern Netherlands influenced by the dominant Ghent-Bruges style. We see acanthus leaves, flowers, strawberries, birds, insects, a pelican feeding her young... The full-page miniatures in arch-topped frames represent: f. 15v: The Annunciation. Angel Gabriel and the Virgin, between them a white lily. In the red background, in a halo appears the naked Child-Savior. f. 42v: Holy Father enthroned with the suffering Jesus on his knees. On both sides kneeling angels, one holding a cross, the other attributes of the Passion. Above blue monochrome angels with golden hair. f. 59v: the Crucifixion. Finely executed miniature, Jesus in the middle, at his feet Mary, St. John, Pilates, a hangman. Landscape in the background. Two angels, a skull and a dog in the border. f. 76v: Pentecost, a white dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit, in the centre the Virgin praying with a book, surrounded by the disciples. St. John holds a green pillar. f. 98v Last Judgment. The upper part shows Jesus enthroned, his feet on a globe, flanked by Mary and St. John, the lower part showing the Resurrection of the bodies coming out of their graves, with a realistic landscape showing the mouth of a river. f. 112v Burial. At the gate of the church, a group of monks dressed in black and a priest dressed in white, cover a coffin with the first clod of earth. A boy holds the holy water. Women dressed in black in the background. In the border is a small brick building with skulls and excavated bones. The small miniatures, decorating the large initials (9-10 lines), they represent the Visitation, a couple of praying angels, a pieta, a praying prophet, David with his harp and the resurrection of the bodies"

"Contemporary calf binding on wooden boards, with blind tooling, traces of clasps. At the centre of the boards is a seal of the Order of the Trinitarians, with the motto: ""indulgenciarum ordinis Sanctos Trinitatis et redemtionis captivorum"". This Order was founded in 1198 by St. John de Matha, for the ransom of slaves. In the past they devoted their revenues to the liberation of Christian slaves from the Arabs, in later times they also liberated black slaves, nowadays still resisting new and old forms of slavery"