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De Leone Belgico, eiusq[ue] Topographica atq[ue] historica descriptione liber + Appendix
(In fine: Coloniae
impressit Gerardus Campensis) Hogenberg
1583 (1586)
€12.000 - €18.000

"Folio (25,2 x 18,8 cm), [12], 522 pp, [6], 13-108, 111-112, 139-140 , [2], 533-742, 417-430 pp. Illustrated with 2 engraved title pages, with the famous LEO BELGICUS map and 204 CONTEMPORARY HAND COLOURED history plates (Geschichtsblätter), at the end of both parts an engraved calendar in the text. The engravings depict all the horrors of the 80 Years' War: the looting, the killing and the sieges by the Spanish of many cities. In the last part plates of the troubles in France and Germany. They deliberately lack the legends, too shocking for the Spanish and Austrian princes, to whom the work was dedicated. Some binding errors. The first engraved title page is of the first edition (1583) announces 112 plates, the second, narrating the history until 1585, says ""Auctior et lucupletior editio"" and announces 142 plates, then there is a typographical title page of the ""Appendix"" bound after p. 522, announcing the history until 1586. In fact our copy even continues the events until September 1587 (this may have been published only in 1588). The 'Epilogus' and colophon expected after p. 742 are not present. The second part or 'Appendix' in our copy is very rare. A few lvs loose. Old calf binding, mottled edges, spine richly gilt, first hinge weak"

"A work famous in the history of the Netherlands, with battles and atrocities by the Spanish graphically-illustrated by Hogenberg. First published in 1583 with 112 plates, there were frequent reissues with augmentations of the text and in the number of plates. The first part has 114 plates, the next part has 90 plates. Ref. Eenheid op papier (1994), p. 65-66 ; Vander Heijden, Leo Belgicus, n°1.2 (second state with in the left paw coat of arms of France) ; Machiels E-820 ; Brunet I, 122 ; Graesse I, 49 ; Adams E-1175 ; Muller Historieplaten I, p. 41ev : series 2 (De rebus Belgicis in Belgio...), series 5-6-7-8-9 Nederlandsche geschiedenis, serie 3 Fransche Godsdienstoorlogen. Heraldic bookplate Henr. Jos. Rega (Louvain professor of medicine)"