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Cutting from a manuscript of St. Augustine, In Evangelium Iohannem, in Latin
mid-12th century]
€400 - €600

Manuscript on vellum, rectangular cutting (155 x 326 mm) from the foot of a bifolium (wanting about 26 lines from top of each column), with each leaf with remains of double column of 17 lines of a notably elegant Romanesque bookhand, without biting curves and with a strong st-ligature, recovered from a later binding and hence with losses to edges, small holes, scuffs and small sections of paper adhering

The text here is from Augustine of Hippo's vast commentary of the Gospel of John, with parts here of his tractatus 31 and 32. The work seems to have been composed across several decades and was used by him in his public preaching, with the part here certainly composed by c. 419 CE. Subsequent medieval readers also employed it for private contemplation, and it became one of the standard works of the Middle Ages, surviving now in over 340 recorded manuscripts (see D.F. Wright, 'The manuscripts of St. Augustine's Tractatus in Evangelium Iohannis: a preliminary survey and checklist', Recherches Augustiniennes, 8, 1972, pp. 55-143)