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David kneeling in prayer as the Angel of the Lord is revealed to him, while Bathsheba bathes and David gives Uriah the message for Joab, a full-page miniature with border scenes on a leaf from a Book of Hours, illuminated manuscript on vellum
[southern Netherlands (probably Bruges)
c. 1510]
€1.000 - €1.500

Single leaf, 149 x 98 mm, with David kneeling in prayer before a series of detailed gothic buildings, the borders filled with other scenes in the bas-de-page of Bathsheba bathing in an ornamental fountain with a carved architectural central pillar with a naked woman covering her breasts, while David looks on from a high window in the top left-hand corner of leaf, and between these at the midpoint of the outer vertical margin a further scene of David giving Uriah the message for Joab, reverse blank with paper adhering in places from old mount, a little rubbed in places, leaf trimmed to edges of miniature and its border scenes, overall presentable condition