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About us

What’s in a name?

In 1976 Marc Van de Wiele rents a small shop in Prinsenhof, in Bruges. In 1977 he marries Anette. They move to the Sint-Salvatorskoorstraat, very close to the Simon Stévin square, a few years later.

In 1992, they buy and renovate a historical building on the corner of the Sint-Salvatorskerkhof and the Heilige Geeststraat.

In 2003, Marc Van de Wiele conducts his first book auction. The auction room is close to the bookshop: Groeninge 34. This neogothic building is suitable for this type of activity. The auctions are held twice a year, in March and in October, with the possibility of an extra auction in May.

In 2004 Nathalie Van de Wiele (degree in romance languages) came into the business. Since October 2014 Frederick Moyaert came into the business.